Monday, October 31, 2011

Edward Douglas of Midnight Syndicate

For our special Halloween interview, we caught up with Edward Douglas, half of the Goth/Horror Instrumental duo, Midnight Syndicate, whom we've featured a few times in the magazine in the past.  It's always great to reconnect with Ed and discuss not only what he's been up to but what his plans for the future are as well.  We sat down at NJ's Chiller Theater, a horror convention Ed attends every year to connect with fans and make new ones, and talked about everything from their latest CD, Carnival Arcane to their work in horror films and what's in store for 2012. 

Rob Acocella (DIGImmortal Photo) had a lot of fun editing this one, giving it an old movie reel treatment and adding in his own photo of a carnival scene (buy it here for yourself) to go along with the theme of the new album.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Myke Hideous of The Empire Hideous

As part of October Halloween-themed interview series, we sat down with Myke Hideous (The Empire Hideous, Spy Society 99, The Misfits) and discussed his latest, and final, release The Time Has Come.  Questions include why he is no longer going to release new material, what it's like working as an independent musician, Peter Steele's (Type O Negative) influence on the new record, what happened to the Goth music scene, and why he dislikes social media, among other things. 

Check out our review of The Time Has Come here.

Check out the interview here (or click the image below) and leave comments on the Youtube page or right here on our blog, and feel free to share with your friends.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mitch and Kal of American Fangs

We met up with American Fangs last month out on Long Island at Vu Du Studios. The band came out here to cut some new tracks and invited us out to hang and take some photos. We did an interview with Mitch and Kal, and hopefully this will help you all get to know them better. They're really talented, hard working musicians, and genuinely nice people as well.