Monday, September 12, 2011

Get to Know: Sóley

A short and sweet introduction to this multi-instrumentalist from Iceland.  Watch for her new album, due out in October 2011, and support Indie artists and the unique sounds they offer. 

Lisa Selvaggio: Your music is classified as Indie, and certainly has a sound all its own. How would you describe it to our readers?
Sóley: I would say piano and piano and piano, with voices and weird percussion from my kitchen.

LS: From where do you draw your musical inspiration?
S: Many things inspire me, I think. Other artists, poems, and daily life, I guess. But when I make music, I try to go somewhere that is not daily life, though, to try to make my own world and soundscape.

LS: And what about lyrically?
S: For lyrics also, I try to think of something unreal. Dreams, laughing houses, and surreal world are what I try to put in my songs. Many of them are love songs but in a different way.

LS: What are the best ways, as an indie artist, to get your music out there?
S: Be active on the internet. I think that’s the way to try to communicate with people. Be nice with people that like what you do!

LS: Your debut album, We Sink, is due out October 4, 2011, and you’ll also be touring throughout Europe in the Fall. Any plans for coming to the U.S.?
S: Nothing planned that I know of, but I deeply hope that I can come to the U.S. soon!

LS: Our final question always gives our interviewee a chance to say anything that hasn’t already been mentioned…
S: Hmm... Well, I want to thank everyone that supports what I do. I hope I´ll be able to play in America soon, and I like Whole Foods! ::laughs::

For more on Sóley and to check out her music, visit:

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